Titus Lower are a fan of it artist doll brand and in the area, the guy has 3 of those

Titus Lower are a fan of it artist doll brand and in the area, the guy has 3 of those

With Titus Low offering a shout out so you can Jake Andrich for the his YouTube films , who knows, they could simply find yourself collaborating to possess private posts that go out.

8. He’s keen on creator art playthings

Men and women who have heard about Bearbricks perform be aware that buying just one of those will mean purchasing to a few thousand bucks.

Apart from Bearbricks, it appears that Titus Low is also keen on KAWS, using some from KAWS figurines spotted within his space. Into the their TikTok membership, he released a video of him going to the large KAWS pop music-up construction at Marina Bay recently.

9. His auto is considered the most high priced goods he previously bought

To be able to very own an auto within chronilogical age of twenty two deserves a notice, especially if it’s a beneficial 2021 Mercedes AMG GT. Titus Reduced shared that it is the highest priced items he actually ever purchased so far as well as the deposit on auto currently cost him $150,000.

Except that taking photos along with his prized hands, additionally there is a TikTok video from your indicating their admirers just what it was like in the vehicle having him ? eating the imagination out of your as an aspiration boyfriend.

10. He or she is a home-stated introvert

If you’ve saw interview films out-of Titus Lowest, you’ll most probably a bit surpised by his silky-verbal nature and you will shy identity. While many possess requested him is a keen extrovert while the of the characteristics regarding his work, he claims to feel a keen introvert as an alternative.

Particularly, the guy commented into the their present vlog on the YouTube that he got never ever asked “his introverted worry about” so you’re able to movie instance blogs.

In a sense, Titus Reasonable signifies that they are effective at modifying from a single function to another due to the fact he’s all about severity and you will professionalism at your workplace. Off the record, he or she is only a bashful 22 yrs old that is really far in love with their pets and you will tries easy delights into the existence.

eleven. Dreams of a simple upcoming

Certain might imagine one Titus Low are best the “dream lifetime” when he currently enjoys 3 out of 5 Cs ? bucks, automobile and condominium can you have sex on onlyfans, no matter if he could be currently leasing the latter. Despite men and women, his dream for the future is actually simple and truthful.

He’s said in the interview how he expectations which he is in a position to very own a big house to possess their pets and coming high school students eventually. His innocent dream tunes alternatively straightforward and you can relatable, which could become just like the a shock for the majority of.

12pleted his case tattoos in a month

In the event you do not know, it needs multiple classes for a tat musician to-do an excellent construction particularly if it’s a huge venture. The same as Titus Low’s sleeve tattoos that run away from their shoulders so you can their wrists, it took him several instruction to-do all of them.

Before where he was merely midway completed with their tats. After during the , the guy common the good news which they was indeed eventually able.

While it is not knowing in the event the Titus Lower features agreements for lots more tattoos later on, a lot of his admirers like the fact that their tattoos contradict their boyish looks.

thirteen. His really viewed TikTok films keeps him having fun with his pet

Be it a hunger trap otherwise attractive dancing videos, Titus Lower suggests united states towards of numerous occasions that he it is knows what their admirers such as for example. Currently on the their TikTok membership, videos regarding your playing with his cat provides gained a beneficial total of 6 million views, the greatest up to now.

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