I am appear to blocked having lame reasons and others crack the fresh new statutes

I am appear to blocked having lame reasons and others crack the fresh new statutes

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and i also suppose if someone went on the p0f f0 rums and you may said what p0f is, that blog post manage rating cleaned

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Sure, I’d consent. The principles try unjust. The brand new moderators lack a handle on the message boards. Anybody pretend to get writing about certain information but most away from the full time they are just would love to bash an other poster. I happened to be bashed and you may bashed and you can bashed. We refer to it as cyber intimidation.

Yup all of the I have away from just after revealing difficulties on the site (i am a web designer for more than 20 yrs) and you can demonstrating it was their issue is ineffective moderators quickly blocking my personal posts while i politely told them away from troubles.

Today I just get : “The community forum post privilages was indeed revoked up to 9/ In the morning Pacific Fundamental Day because of the trappedonbayst Comprehend the one sentence that is not bringing abreast of your ? “What could have been displayed is exactly what can stop Emails.” end from discussion, you could troll the thread all you have, “whats started demonstrated is exactly what the audience is given aware of” adequate trolling.”

Ya actual helpful to some people that have been on the site right from the start so you’re able to now score banned for just reporting coding bugs. hey thanks a lot individuals. idiots. Incase he had been pulling in so much cash off adsense next hire some designers/programmers to fix the fresh dam matter up omg..

And because so you’re able to answer to actually send a contact, their isn’t any contact info etc. I’m stuck, oh well OKCupid try 100 minutes a lot better than them, much more has actually, funner, and you will an employee you to definitely listens to help you its members. Read more