Lightweight Pleated Filters

Lightweight Pleated Fiters

Lightweight Pleated Fiters element for primary filtration-smooth air flow. Ideal as a pre-filter fram in multi-stage filter for centrifugal compressor air inlet.Galvanized frame provides strength and corrosion resistance. Synthetic filter medium .

Our engineering skills and experience go back more than 50 years and because we are not overloaded with layers of management, we are able to respond to needed changes quickly. Most importantly we are a filter manufacturing company.

We are here to meet the growing needs for air filtration and look forward to giving our customers what they need, when they need it and at a competitive price.

Characters Large flowing rate, lower resistance and high dirt holding,washable.
Frame Aluminum or Galvanized Steel frame designed can be knocked-down.
Filter media The filter media can be reused for many times, lower resistance and high dirt holding.
Efficiency G2-G4(EN779:2002)
Resistance ???50pa
Application The filter are used for pre-filtering.the air condition and clean room filtration.


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