Open Polycule: A relationship community where individuals are introducing try to find even more couples and you can go into the fresh new dating

Open Polycule: A relationship community where individuals are introducing try to find even more couples and you can go into the fresh new dating

The fresh new Dating Energy (NRE): The brand new thrill and giddiness that accompany a separate relationship and its first stages; It’s possibly fanatical, addictive and it may getting most self-confident, however for many people tricky as it’s consequences begin to wane immediately after being which have someone to have an occasion. Have a tendency to abbreviated NRE. ? Non-Hierarchical Matchmaking: Relationships which strive for equivalent self-reliance and you will standing of dating instead than prioritising you to definitely over another. Encompass lots of

You to Cock Plan (OPP): Securely implemented regulations that there can only end up being you to penis-with individual (usually an excellent cis man) from inside the a relationship system. Usually noticed transphobic since they’re usually phrased as the “one man,” doubt the newest genders of trans female and trans guys; and usually thought belittling from matchmaking anywhere between women because suggests you to same sex relationships is “safer”towards the cis people imposing this signal toward lover(s).

Platonic Life partner: Someone having which one may never be romantic or sexual, however, to who you’ve got generated lifelong commitments that may tend to be things like cohabiting, common funds and you will coparenting

Parallel Polyamory: Technique of polyamorous matchmaking where everyone dating can be found mostly independent out of sometimes lover’s extra close otherwise sexual relationships, plus in hence there is not an intentional work on entwining the connection system because there would-be during the KTP. Around ours otherwise telemours, but there is zero significance of so it and there may be lowest or no get in touch with between specific members of the bigger relationship network.

Polycule: A network off interconnected relationship; are often used to make reference to the brand new system in itself, or a map or drawing demonstrating the same. It means partners, partners-parters, and broad community that all have some relationship to every almost every other.

Number one Dating/Partner: The fresh prioritized dating otherwise mate in a hierarchical put-right up. Some individuals provides several number 1 people, or leave the option for additional number one-top dating to survive; but many whom choose that it dating framework do not.

Note: the majority of people fool around with pansexual for it definition too

Dating Anarchy / RA: A relationship build and this can be viewed as a form of non-hierarchical polyamory and you will the same as solamente polyamory however in the people practicing RA doesn’t have confidence in societal constructs out-of dating within the the typical way and freedom and you can mind-devotion are widely recommended.

Secondary Dating/Partner: Additional people or matchmaking outside of the no. 1 of these during the good hierarchical network. They frequently must undertake pre-established statutes otherwise constraints on time discussed by number 1 matchmaking professionals, rather than recourse to alter these types of.

Unicamente Polyamory: A form of polyamory in which just one decides to be their own “primary partner,” strengthening relationships without the assumption of moving forward in the “relationships escalator” that have no less than one. Often is sold with the belief from living except that every people.

Telemour: The latest lover from an effective metamour who is not the common partner but may enjoys her people and you will metamours.

Triad: A romance regarding three some body, every one of who are romantically involved with each other. Having finest otherwise bad, perhaps one of the most publicised different polyamory from inside the popular media, documentaries, Tv series and you will fiction and generally influences what low-poly some body envision Polyamory try.

Unicorn: Good bisexual woman exactly who prefers to provides dating that have each other bits of a beneficial heterosexual couple into conditions set generally by one couple’s agreements.

Unicorn Hunters: Couples just who search good bisexual woman who prefers to has matchmaking with each other parts of a good heterosexual partners towards terms and conditions put mostly because of the one couple’s agreements to own a romance. Which name is frequently made use of derisively, since this version of body’s nearly impossible to locate because the of one’s need to agree with most of the couple’s words, and because that it build whenever handled is normally familiar with adversely impression younger bisexual female new to polyamory.

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