Dwyer 616KD-00 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Dwyer 616KD-00 Differential Pressure Transmitter

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2% acc, 4-20 mA


 Model Description 
616KD-00 Differential pressure transmitter, 0 to 1″ w.c., 4-20 mA.

Dwyer 616KD Series Offers


  • No additional reference pressure sources and separate calibration devices are necessary
  • Back mounting tabs are integral to the molded housing
  • Easy-to-wire open screw terminals at the top of the housing

Dwyer 616KD Series Specifications

 Service Air and non-combustible, compatible gases
 Accuracy ±2% FS
Stability ±1% FS/year
 Temperature Range 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
 Pressure Range 2 psi (13.8 kPa)
 Thermal Effect on Span ±0.11% FS/°F (±0.19% FS/°C) typ
Thermal Effect on Zero 616KD-X0: 0.6%/°F (1%/°C)

616KD-X1: 0.3%/°F (0.5%/°C)

616KD-X2: 0.2%/°F (0.33%/°C)

616KD-X3: 0.12%/°F (0.2%/°C)

616KD-X4: 0.06%/°F (0.1%/°C) FS max

 Power Supply 16 to 35 VDC (2 or 3 wire), 20 to 28 VAC (3 wire)
Zero & Span Adjustments Push button
 Loop Resistance DC: 1000 Ω max
AC: 1200 Ω max
 Current Consumption 21 mA max
 Electrical Connections Screw-type terminal block
 Process Connections Barbed, dual size to fit 1/8″ & 3/16″ (3 mm & 5 mm) ID rubber or vinyl tubing
 Mounting Orientation Position insensitive
 Weight 1.8 oz (51 g)

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