Activated Carbon Filter

Keeping the track of latest happening of this domain, we present clients with the premium quality of Activated Carbon Filter. For the purpose of removing odor and contamination, the activated carbon filter is used in different air ventilation systems. Low pressure drop, large surface area and excellent absorption capacity, make the activated carbon filter highly demanded.



  • Adhering granule activated carbon on sponge
  • Adsorb and eliminate harmful gases
  • Large surface area and High carbon content

Other Details:


  • Adhering granule activated carbon on sponge
  • Proper pre-filter is provided before the carbon filter to increase its service life
  • Better adsorption capacity in the surface
  • Large surface area
  • High carbon content
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long life



  • Used for various kinds of air ventilation systems, specially for eliminating odors and contamination
  • Adsorb and eliminate harmful gases like benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc
  • Carbon filter is a passive product. It does not work unless air passes through. Therefore suitable fan / blower with electrical motor to be provided in a housing / shell. The sizing of the module depend upon the air volume to be handled
  • Proper pre filters are selected along with the carbon and chemical filters to meet the site condition and customer’s requirement. Otherwise carbon and chemical medium will get saturate in short period


  • Clapboard: without Clapboard
  • Filter Number: 1
  • Medium Material: Activated Carbon Felt
  • Efficiency: F7

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